Hello, here is my blog on the progress of my Rampaging Chariot Robot until the Scottish Robotic Games 2011. Follow my blog to see all the improvement and modifications I make to the robot and also the problems I encounter while making it! Thanks for looking!

Robotic Games 2001, Football Won!

June 20, 2011
I havenkot updated this blg for quite a long time now as I have been so busy at the moment. Last saturaday I went to the robotic games with the Robot. Since the last poast, I have made the motors slightlye better, added a sealed lead acid batteru, painted the angle metal on the sides black, made a cover and put some brighty green led's in it. At the Robotic games, The first event was sumo. I got into the semi-finals, but lost becuase on one of the rounds there was smoke coming from one of the wheels. I thaught it was from the contoller boards so I surrendered, loosing the event. In the Assualt course I didnt expect to win, as the robot was so low it got stuck on the ramp twice so the time was not very good. The football was the last event, and this is where we won. As I have lead acid batteries, they gave enough power for the whole evnt, and is probably why we won it. On one of the games we beat Jedburgh 7-0! I have edited up the video of the whole evnt and put it on youtube, here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XcepMoUiCA Next year I want to do away with the MDF chassis and build an aluminium one with a scoop on the back. This will make it lighter and stronger, and there will also be more space inside. Until then, bye for now.

Motor Driver Boards!

February 5, 2011
I brought home 7 motor driver boards, of which 2 already worked. The other 5 were completely dead, after a few hours I de soldered the mosfets and tested them with a multimeter. I found out the same 2 mosfets were dead on each motherboard, so I was only able to repair 3 of the 5 boards I had because I didn't have enough mosfets for all the boards. After the mosfets were replaced, the boards worked perfectly, some needed a little bit of tweaking but they worked!
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Spray Painting finished

January 24, 2011
I finished the monster energy spray painting and brought it into school. I have ordered some 120mm scooter wheels for it which should come this week! Here are some pictures of it finished:
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Spray Painting Started!

January 16, 2011
Over the weekend, i removed the old stickers, applied a coat of white emulsion on to the mdf. I then printed out the monster energy logos and pictures ans started masking them. I also used liquid masking tape which is pretty much latex for the sides and back. It looks really good so far, but the paint is a bit jagged and flackey. In a few days I will get the black spray paint!
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Start of work for 2011 Scottish Robotic Games!

January 14, 2011
Here is my old robot, I plan to respray it this weekend and then make some upgrades and Improvements to it soon! Stay tuned for all the latest news on my Robot!

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