Over the past few days I have been working really hard. Last weekend I finished building most of the case, I cut holes for the headphone sockets, and the two usb plugs. Then the glossy black spray paint I had been waiting for arrived. That afternoon I spray painted the whole case, the cover, the screen sides, and the screen back glossy black. It now looks much better, rather than that old white colour. I have also flattened more capacitors on the motherboard to make it smaller. I desoldered the ethernet/usb port (which is really hard to take off) and soldered on the wifi module to the rear usb port and connected it up. I then made a hard drive cable, all with blue heat shrink tubing and desoldered the hard drive connector and soldered in my hard drive cable. I then took apart my x-mini usb speaker as I will be using two of these. I rewired it and hooked it up aswell. The ring of light also has new cable, with red heat shrink tubing and I also have hot glue on all the connections to stop them coming loose. I had to completely redo the vga cable as it didn't work first time (this took me 4.5 hours of solid hard work).

When I plugged it in today, after so much mods I was unsure if everything would work. I turned it on and it sprang in to life, the speaker played the start-up sound, the hard drive started spinning, the wifi's module light went green and the screen came on mice and brightly, After setting up the wifi to connect to my home network I tried streaming some music through the little speaker and it sounded surprisingly good. Then I checked the hard drive. And to my astonishment it actually showed up working! I couldn't believe it, after my hard drive having the E68 error it was suddenly perfectly fine (apart from all my data being erased, oh well I'll just have to start from scratch again). My xbox is now fully working apart from the dvd drive which I am waiting for a replacement pcb so I can send it of to be fixed. The temperatures also rose a little when in the case (the gpu was hitting about 43) which is annoying, but hopefully my new fans will fix that (they are on their way now) Here is a link of the test on youtube: