Here is how to wire it up:

Here is the instructions for all of the pins:
Purple Wire - VGA PIN 5 - GND(Important:goes to toslink pcb as in picture)
Black Wire  - VGA PIN 12 - DDC SDA
Brown Wire - VGA PIN 9 - +5V (Important:goes to toslink pcb as in picture)
Red Wire - VGA PIN 15 - DDC SCL
Yellow Wire - VGA PIN 13 - H/Sync
White Wire - VGA PIN 14 - V/Sync
Red, green, and blue go to pins 1,2 and 3 (6,7 and 8 are their grounds)
I also includes a switch between pins 21 and 22 so I could switch of vga and use hdmi.
Use Red/black and White/black for audio leads!

 This all works for me, so it should work the same for you!

Hope this helps!