Welcome to my blog page, which I will be posting about my latest build, an xbox 360 laptop. Follow the progress of a 15 year old from Scotland construct and build a xbox 360 laptop by following Ben Hecks Tutorial. Thanks for coming and having a look, and If you have time please fill in the box, telling me what you think about my blog. Find all my contact detail below.

Finished the xbox laptop, still have a few tweaks to do. Please comment and tell me what you think of my blog. Also If you want to be e-mailed every time I make a new post, please put your e-mail address in the box below:

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Benheck forum: ssmith43654


Xbox Laptop working again!

May 12, 2011
Over the past few days I have installed a new jasper motherboard into the xbox 360 laptop and it seems to works fine. At forst I had a few problems with the hard drive, speaker and wifi. The wifi antenaes were slightly unpoklugged and the headers and pins for the hard drive had permanent black marker on the that was preventing them from conatacting properly. After removing the headers and pins, it all worrked fine. I had wired up the speakers, so that they switched of when a heaphone was plugged in. But this somehow didnt work, and the sound was all distorted. I think this is becuase the two speaker negative terminal were not connected to ground and the headphone plugs where s it only recieved half of the sigal. I disconected the headphoe jack (which I had also connected with headers and pins) and the internal speakers worked fine. I still need to connect th headphone plug, as I have disconnected them right now. I have also added lots more jb weld between both cpu and gpu heatsinks so the extra heat from the cpu is transfered to the gpu heatsink which has planty of cooling (5 fans) attached to it. Just this moring I realized when I picked the laptop up and shook it around it made a reattling sound. I then lookd underneath in one of the hole and I had infact left a ver small screwdriver underneath the motherboard. Would this have shorted someingthing out, then it would have broken, but luckily it didnt. I managed to remove it my taking one screw out of the heatsink and squeezing it out. I am sorry I do ot have any pictures yet of the work I have done, but I have lost my camera card and the new one should be coming today but hasnt so far. Until then, please keep checking for new posts.

Xbox Laptop being repaired!

May 5, 2011
A long time ago when I first installed the board, I tried pulling 5v from one of the mosfets on the motherboard. The xbox gave me e65, so I just unplugged the fan, and it worked fine. Now little did I know, the mosfets that I damaged were the ones supplying power to the ram chips. No as the condition of the mosfets deterioted, I had some serious framerate issues so I decided to swap the mosfet. Being so stupid, I got a different mosfet from a xenon board and it gave too much power to the ram brick, breaking either them or lots of other mosfets connected to it. The xbox then booted up for about 5 secs, until showing 3rrod 0031 i then replaced 2 more mosfets, and it gave me 3rrod 0110 indicating the ram was broken. So I think the ram is now broken on that board, so I have ordered a new jasper and have been getting the case ready for it. This time I am installing everything with pins and headers so that the motherboard can be taken out. I have also improved the cooling system, and I have made the headphone sockets so that when you plug in the headphones, the speakers automatically turn off, and the headphones are now volume adjustable. I have also re-sprayed the front and sidesto cover up any scratches with some hard wearing paint. Hopefully the xbox 360 elite jasper will come tomorrow! It was really annoying aswell, as I had just bought black ops. I am aiming (and will) not make a single mistake with this new jasper board, and it should work perfectly. I may be able to fix the other motherboard by replacimg more mosfets, we will see... Sorry I haven't posted very much lately, it is because I am in the middle of exams and there has been alot going on. I will try to get some more pics up for the next post of the installation of the new board! So keep watching here, or subscribe by filling in your e-mail address above. Until then, bye.  

Xbox Laptop now for sale!

March 26, 2011
The xbox 360 laptop is now for sale on ebay, as I am planning on making a ps3 laptop with the money from the xbox laptop. I hope it sells for at least £400 as it was a lot of work to make the laptop. If you know anyone who might be interested, please tell them about the auction! So, if the xbox laptop sells, then this blog will turn into a ps3 laptop blog, right from the start to finish of the laptop. I have already planned out the ps3 laptop, and sourced all the parts, so once the xbox laptop goes, its ful speed ahead with the ps3 laptop!


Thanks for all the help from everyone so far!

Sebastian Smith


Xbox Laptop Talk!

March 18, 2011
I am doing a talk/presentation tonight, about the xbox laptop and how I built it. I am now saving up for the next build; an xbox 360 slim laptop. I plan to make the case with a cnc router, and make the xbox "whisper silent". Saving up will take quite a long time, but in the meantime, I will still be posting up stuff related to the xbox projects. I will post up some pictures soon, but I have lost my camera sd card just now so I cant. I have re-sprayed the screen back, and xbox laptop cover another coat of black, and it all looks awesome.  have also added more heatsinks.

New Motherboard and game!

February 17, 2011
I got colin mcrae dirt 2 yesterday, and have been playing it on my xbox laptop, its amazing! I also got a badly flashed asus p5e from ebay for only £18. I have ordered a new bios chip, that is preflashed and replace it with the old one, so the board should work! I have also spray painted the xbox 360 media remote black to mach the console!

Xbox 360 Laptop finished!!!!!!

February 15, 2011
Finally I have finished the xbox laptop! After 6 months, 3 xbox 360's and a lot of hard work. I have made a small video of it here: Xbox Laptop Video. Also take a look at my pictures page for more pictures of it! Also I would like to say a thankyou to the following people for making this project possible:

Ian J Christmas for reballing my xbox
Sam Darwish for supplying me with a new xbox 360
Freakinvoice for supplying me with hinges from america
My mum for encouraging me not to give up the project and complete it
All the people on ebay for supplying me with parts
Saleem for reflashing my dvd drive
The building site for supplying me with foamex boards

Also I would like to give a big thankyou to all the support from the people at the benheck forums for solving problems I had along the way and any other people I havent mentioned. Also thanks for all the views to the blog!

Tomorrow I am going to game-station to get my all time favourite racing game Dirt 2, so that I can enjoy the fruits of my labour! (Imagine the faces of the people at gamestation if I were to bring the xbox laptop in to the store!)

Finally, dont stop coming to my blog, as I will keep on posting things about further mods I do and other exciting stuff.

Until then, have a nice day!

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