Finally I have finished the xbox laptop! After 6 months, 3 xbox 360's and a lot of hard work. I have made a small video of it here: Xbox Laptop Video. Also take a look at my pictures page for more pictures of it! Also I would like to say a thankyou to the following people for making this project possible:

Ian J Christmas for reballing my xbox
Sam Darwish for supplying me with a new xbox 360
Freakinvoice for supplying me with hinges from america
My mum for encouraging me not to give up the project and complete it
All the people on ebay for supplying me with parts
Saleem for reflashing my dvd drive
The building site for supplying me with foamex boards

Also I would like to give a big thankyou to all the support from the people at the benheck forums for solving problems I had along the way and any other people I havent mentioned. Also thanks for all the views to the blog!

Tomorrow I am going to game-station to get my all time favourite racing game Dirt 2, so that I can enjoy the fruits of my labour! (Imagine the faces of the people at gamestation if I were to bring the xbox laptop in to the store!)

Finally, dont stop coming to my blog, as I will keep on posting things about further mods I do and other exciting stuff.

Until then, have a nice day!