A long time ago when I first installed the board, I tried pulling 5v from one of the mosfets on the motherboard. The xbox gave me e65, so I just unplugged the fan, and it worked fine. Now little did I know, the mosfets that I damaged were the ones supplying power to the ram chips. No as the condition of the mosfets deterioted, I had some serious framerate issues so I decided to swap the mosfet. Being so stupid, I got a different mosfet from a xenon board and it gave too much power to the ram brick, breaking either them or lots of other mosfets connected to it. The xbox then booted up for about 5 secs, until showing 3rrod 0031 i then replaced 2 more mosfets, and it gave me 3rrod 0110 indicating the ram was broken. So I think the ram is now broken on that board, so I have ordered a new jasper and have been getting the case ready for it. This time I am installing everything with pins and headers so that the motherboard can be taken out. I have also improved the cooling system, and I have made the headphone sockets so that when you plug in the headphones, the speakers automatically turn off, and the headphones are now volume adjustable. I have also re-sprayed the front and sidesto cover up any scratches with some hard wearing paint. Hopefully the xbox 360 elite jasper will come tomorrow! It was really annoying aswell, as I had just bought black ops. I am aiming (and will) not make a single mistake with this new jasper board, and it should work perfectly. I may be able to fix the other motherboard by replacimg more mosfets, we will see... Sorry I haven't posted very much lately, it is because I am in the middle of exams and there has been alot going on. I will try to get some more pics up for the next post of the installation of the new board! So keep watching here, or subscribe by filling in your e-mail address above. Until then, bye.