Over the past few days I have installed a new jasper motherboard into the xbox 360 laptop and it seems to works fine. At forst I had a few problems with the hard drive, speaker and wifi. The wifi antenaes were slightly unpoklugged and the headers and pins for the hard drive had permanent black marker on the that was preventing them from conatacting properly. After removing the headers and pins, it all worrked fine. I had wired up the speakers, so that they switched of when a heaphone was plugged in. But this somehow didnt work, and the sound was all distorted. I think this is becuase the two speaker negative terminal were not connected to ground and the headphone plugs where s it only recieved half of the sigal. I disconected the headphoe jack (which I had also connected with headers and pins) and the internal speakers worked fine. I still need to connect th headphone plug, as I have disconnected them right now. I have also added lots more jb weld between both cpu and gpu heatsinks so the extra heat from the cpu is transfered to the gpu heatsink which has planty of cooling (5 fans) attached to it. Just this moring I realized when I picked the laptop up and shook it around it made a reattling sound. I then lookd underneath in one of the hole and I had infact left a ver small screwdriver underneath the motherboard. Would this have shorted someingthing out, then it would have broken, but luckily it didnt. I managed to remove it my taking one screw out of the heatsink and squeezing it out. I am sorry I do ot have any pictures yet of the work I have done, but I have lost my camera card and the new one should be coming today but hasnt so far. Until then, please keep checking for new posts.